Segway Circuit


Test your agility, speed and team abilities !

If you are looking for a really original group activity on the Costa del Sol, look no further!

Experience Box has created this unforgettable team building activity with segways, where we will create several teams that will compete against each other with the objective to win the challenge.

After a brief introduction to the segway, and a period of practice, let's start the games. According to the total number of participants, we will enjoy several challenging games, like for example :

speed test : as a relay race, each participants has to make an easy circuit and pass the segway to the following participant. The fastest team wins, and points are allocated accordingly.

agility test : each participant will have 3 balls to throw in a basketball basket. This is not time based, as points are allocated only when the ball get through the basket.

speed and agility test : just as the speed test, but on a much more complex circuit with cones and other obstacles that will prevent the participants to drive too fast. Every touched obstacle will generate a time penalty.


This activity can be done in the parking of your hotel, on a beach promenade, on a tennis court or any area offering enough room. We can organize with your hotel of residence or propose alternative venues if need be.


The events generally include :


Segway instructor

Event manager and assistants


Prize cups (with customized text)

Bottle of bubbly for the winning team

Drinks for after the challenge



Confortable clothes


Costa del Sol