Tapas Route in Old Town

Tapas Activity Meal

Choose your bar, enjoy your tapas and get to the next one

If you are looking for a fun, unusual and interactive way to organize a lunch, or dinner, for a medium to large group, look no further. We will organize a typical tapas route in the old town, either in Marbella, Malaga, Estepona or any other village/city.

This is NOT a guided tour, it's a tapas route. We will provide each participant with :

A list of bars where they can go, with their respective capacity, the available tapas, etc

A number of personalized vouchers they can use to purchase tapas and drinks (generally wine, beer, soft drinks or water)

A personalized map of the town, with marks for the bars, pictures of the tapa, etc

All additional information needed (contact phone, etc)


Event Director and assistants

Coordination of different bars and their respective tapas (generally 2 in each bar to incentivate the "rotation / bar swaps), their different atmospheres, etc

Personalized vouchers and maps

Professional photographer


Once all the participants have the informations and have been briefed, they will be free to head to any of the participating bars and restaurants. They will pay their consuptions with the personalized vouchers they have, so making the event very simple and fun.

As additional options, we can :

Provide interactive iPads to store the information (maps, pictures, etc)

Design and delivery of a personalized iPad/tablet application with all the details

Exclusivity of the bars/restaurants

Set itinerary design

Professional videographer, air drone filming, entertainment in the streets, etc

Combination with an Ipad treasure hunt (competition / team building mode)

Personalization of the bars (banners, logos, etc)

Designated actors/actresses to interact with the guests during the activity


Swim wear and sun cream